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Body Guard Stream Dog Repellent

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When faced with an angry dog, you want to have the best protection available.

BODYGUARD Dog Repellent is designed to be sprayed outdoors to temporarily impair an aggressive dog from attacking people and their loved ones. This pepper- based formula has no harmful or long term impacts, and comes in a recyclable can. It can be carried walking, visiting dog parks, running on trails, and cycling in the city. It is also suitable for delivery personnel and animal care workers.

Protect your loved ones, pets, and yourself.

STRONGEST FORMULATION permitted in Canada. Our dog spray contains 0.50% Capsaicin plus 0.36% related major capsaicinoids. Total Strength: 0.86%

COMPACT size and weight makes it easy to hold in one hand, and fits easily in bags, on leashes, and in running belts.

NON TOXIC pepper based formula provides temporary and non- lethal effects, and is environmentally friendly.

Fitted in a durable plastic case with a single keyring, this pepper based dog repellent offers a lightweight design and attaches to your personal items with ease.

Size: 20g
Style: Twist Top
Height: 4 1/2"?
Spray: 25 bursts
Spray Distance: 6 feet
Spray Pattern: Stream

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